Giving Back

In an effort to build awareness and help foster a community of support, we’ve also developed our supPort-T, shirts that look identical to our Port-T without the opening pocket. These equally stylish and comfortable shirts can be worn by family and friends in solidarity with their loved one undergoing treatment. Whether you have cancer or not, we will all wear our ComfPort shirts the same. 

We’ve also made it our mission to provide Port-T's to as many cancer patients as possible, which is why for every Port-T or supPort-T we sell, we’ll donate one to a patient in need. We don’t want a lack of resources or knowledge of our shirts to prevent an individual from having the comfort they deserve.

Patient, family member, or friend: cancer takes away from us all. When you are diagnosed with cancer, it can feel like much of your life has been stolen from you. For us, the best way to fill that void has been to give back and attempt to make a difference in the lives of others. We hope to help patients and their loved ones everywhere Find Comfort In ComfPort.